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Because Warm Bodies Aren't Good Enough

Growing your team through a new hire is of critical importance. Achieving results is directly correlated to your team's talent. That talent needs to be more than a warm body; to attract the right person you'll need to curate an accurate job description, determine the appropriate job structure for your needs, and develop a competitive compensation package. Although the process sounds overwhelming, we're here to guide you each step of the way.

Together we'll take 3 steps in order to attract the right candidate for your job:

  1. Collaborate to define the details of your IT resourcing need
  2. Construct an appropriate compensation package
  3. Determine the right job type (contract, permanent, etc.)


Tell Us About Your Need

We offer your company multiple ways to engage with our recommended employees. You can find part time consultants, permanent position employees, or right-to-hire employees simply by contacting us via email.

Here are some important details to either provide in your email or for which you should prepare during our introductory conversation:

  • Critical skills your new hire will be required to perform
  • Areas wherein the new hire needs a conceptual knowledge
  • Technical skills for which the new hire needs to demonstrate hands-on experience
  • Personality or behavioral traits critical to the team
  • Your target compensation range
  • Your ideal job structure
  • How soon you intend to fill the position
  • How patient you are to find the right balance of technical skills and cultural fit




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