C/Unix Developer

C/Unix Developer

by Brian Borsa|June 9, 2010



Essential Skills

  • C programming experience
    • This needs to be actual C experience, not just experience with C# or Java or other another language based on C syntax.
    • Especially,
      • Memory allocation and freeing
      • Debugging situations in which memory is being overwritten or not properly freed
        Pointers to pointers and arrays of structures containing pointers (i.e., C pointer and de-referencing issues)
      • Memory-buffer operations (“string-like” character-array operations, strcpy, memcpy, sprintf)
      • Functions as parameters to functions
      • Structures
      • Debugging without an IDE or other tool for software debugging
        (i.e., stdout and file writes such as printf, fprintf, vprintf, fwrite, fputs, etc.)
      • Basic familiarity with preprocessor instructions (#ifdef)
      • Make files
    • It is not necessary to have C++ (object-oriented) experience. This is pure C.
  • Unix experience
    • Basic commands on Unix/Linux servers, such as navigation, copy, tar, ftp, and ps/kill (handle Unix processes).
    • Don't need to be expert and can be a little rusty, but can't just start from scratch.

Nice-To-Have Skills

  • rfcserver package for interface to SAP
  • vi editor
    On many occasions my predecessor and I have found it works better to edit or view in vi on the UNIX server.  In other words, don't depend on ftp'ing the code back to a Windows environment
  • WRQ Reflection
    This is the package we have in-house for Unix/Windows and Unix/Unix interfacing.  We also have PuTTY and an older version of BeyondCompare.
  • Experience with scientific algorithms
  • Conversion between ASCII and Unicode
  • GCC command-line knowledge and experience with C precompilers
  • Understanding of warehouse operations
  • SAP experience

Oracle ERP experience




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