DB2/400 Data Architect

DB2/400 Data Architect

by Brian Borsa|July 29, 2008

What we will be looking for is a DB2400 Data Architect.


 Experience with the following:


  • SQL (both DML and DDL), DDS, RPG ILE, DB2 Stored Procedures, and performance tuning on the iSeries (especially as it pertains to the DB2400 database.


  • Unique non natural primary keys, relational integrity, constraints (especially foreign key), triggers, four levels of rules for ensuring data consistency.


Desired but not required experience with the following:


  • An understanding of how to avoid RPG program record locking, and handling a stateless non RPG request for an RPG service to update a record after that same record has already been updated.


  • A familiarity with Java


  • A familiarity with MySQL would also be a bonus

To apply for this job email your details to brian@cycle3it.com

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