PC Systems Analyst

PC Systems Analyst

by Brian Borsa|April 27, 2008

PC Systems Analyst.

Position Focus areas: PC and Network integration, standards development, implementation, and support.

Job Description (Primary Responsibilities):
• 10% – Process requests for new equipment: needs assessment (analysis & selection), acquisition, build/implementation, documentation.
• 20% – Integrate new equipment into our environment (deciding when & taking responsibility for phasing out models of PC’s & peripherals, bringing new models in, building images for new models).
• 20% – Assist with technical needs assessment and solution development to meet new business requirements.
• 50% – Maintain and support existing environment.

• On-Call rotation for after hours escalations.
• Identify products and/or services nearing end-of-life and notify management
• Negotiate pricing for bringing approved technologies into our portfolio
• Participate in purchasing contract negotiations.
• Document new technologies and configurations
• Prepare Ghost loads for new hardware/software
• Prepare distributions for software updates
• Development and maintenance of distribution methods for software updates
• Acquire PC hardware and software
• Acquire Network hardware and software
• File and document warranties/contracts and make available to others as necessary
• Maintain current releases of software on all PC’s and in Ghost loads and distributions
• Maintain current releases of network software on all network equipment
• Document changes to network configurations
• Plan and implement phasing out/ replacement of equipment as necessary
• Maintain inventory database for PC and network hardware and software
• Antivirus software maintenance coordination on PCs
• Standardize and document client loads
• Build & test servers
• Coordinate LAN installations, go on-site when necessary, to assist with installation
• Maintain current understanding of market technologies and implementations, attend training, conferences, and/or seminars as necessary
• Work with other groups and departments to ensure smooth interoperation
• Maintain relationships with key personnel in other departments and companies who are the primary users of implementation services
• Participate in Disaster Recovery program
• Research and prototype new technologies
• Manage broke/fix issues for PCs and basic LAN connectivity
• Act as primary contact for help desk calls for PC issues
• Identify problems with new technologies by recognizing trends in calls
• Support PC hardware and software
• Support Network hardware and software
• Document support calls and projects
• Antivirus support, Analysis and cleanup of infected PCs as necessary
• Maintain system backups for local servers
• Use standardized loads to rebuild PCs as necessary
• Go on-site as necessary to assist with support issues
• Other duties as assigned

Required Knowledge and Skills:
• In-depth understanding of current operating systems such as Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP.
• In-depth understanding of Microsoft Office (95/97/2000/XP)
• In-depth understanding of Microsoft BackOffice tools and services
• Proven ability to integrate and maintain Microsoft products on a variety of hardware platforms
• Working knowledge of networking with Microsoft products and services
• Working knowledge of ethernet and TCP/IP environments, including hubs, switches, routers, clients, and servers
• Excellent communications and interpersonal skills
• Proven ability to work in a team environment
• Working knowledge of current PC internetworking tools
• Working knowledge of databases in a PC environment
• Working knowledge of application integration in a PC environment
• Proven ability to manage large and complex projects and issues
• Proven trouble-shooting and problem-solving skills
• Team player, proven ability to work well with other departments, company and department personnel, and with vendors
• Experience in a large inter-networking or distributed computing environment
• Understanding of and experience with Disaster Recovery
• Experience with Microsoft as a vendor, and with re-sellers a plus
• Excellent negotiation skills
• Working knowledge of contract terminology, standard clauses, and legal issues
• In-depth understanding of PC and network security issues and a working knowledge of anti-virus software concepts and implementations
• Excellent documentation skills
• In-depth understanding of VMWare

To apply for this job email your details to brian@cycle3it.com

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