Quality Assurance Tester

Quality Assurance Tester

by Brian Borsa|October 11, 2017
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  • Charlotte, NC
  • Reference: NCjames4:15

Cycle3 IT Staffing is seeking a Quality Assurance testing resource that has expertise in Mediation and Rating.  Experience in a Telecommunications’ environment is essential.


Task Description Activities Involved
Understand Agile Scrum model
Understand BSS Telecom Domain – Understand telecom billing state, federal taxation policies, tax on tax formats for wireline, wireless, internet and allied services.
Understand the architecture of AM&R and business requirements of DP – Understand the detail business requirements
– Detailed architecture
Understanding the environment(unix box, database etc.), test files, tools etc. – Provide a hands on training on the tool.
– Understand the environment / directory structure
Understand database structure for Digital Phone (DP) – Understand the table structure which is used in DP
Walk through and understanding of DP Subscriber – Explaining the subscriber files collection, parsing and subscriber file layout.
– Explaining subscriber reference data, mediation and enrichment.
– Explaining the updating rating subscriber model
– Explaining updating usgage cycles and counters
– Explaining adjustment file processing
– Explaining merges and splits file processing
Walk through and understanding of DP Mediation – Explaining the usage files collection, parsing and file layout.
– Explaining reference data enrichment and Call typing
– Explaining mediation and filtering rules.
– Explaining downstream rules
Walk through and understanding of DP guiding Explaining guiding usage records to subscribers
Walk through and understanding of DP Rating – Explaining Rating Reference Tables
– Explaining Rounding rules and rate calculation rules.
– Explaining Execution
– Explaining ECS downstream files
Explanation of Charge files Generation – Explaining the creation of different Charge files like ICOMS, CSG files.
Explanation of Reguiding and Rerating functionality – Reguiding for unguided records and rerating for unrated records
Explanation of Downstream Requirements – Explaining the generation of subscriber files and Hourly file for UDS and UMS
– Delivery of the files


To apply for this job email your details to brian@cycle3it.com

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