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The Webmaster’s role is to coordinate the planning, maintenance, and accessibility of Web site content in a way that ensures the consistency of the Web site’s look and feel (i.e. usability). This individual is also responsible for creating some original Web site content. Understanding of a variety of Web development languages is required.  Web Portal experience a must.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Strategy & Planning

·         Prepare a long-term plan for Web site development and presence, including standards and guidelines for content, based on business goals and input from stakeholders

·         Coordinate Web site evolution with departments and content creators from across the organization

·         Work with systems experts on hardware and software issues that affect the Web site and its availability

 ·         Assess and itemize costs for Web site enhancements and modifications

·         Develop, implement, and adhere to Web site maintenance policies and procedures, including end user content change request forms and posted update/maintenance schedules, to ensure site accuracy and timeliness

·         Develop, implement, and enforce Web site appropriate use and privacy policies

·         Assess competing Web sites as regards content, look and feel, and functionality, and make improvement recommendations to our organization’s site

Acquisition & Deployment

·         Manage the acquisition and ongoing maintenance of the organization’s domain names with the appropriate registrars.

·         Track and evaluate new standards, technologies and trends in Web site development, design, and delivery

·         Assess, recommend, and purchase Web authoring, development, and publishing tools as required

Operational Management

·         Create and maintain a consistent Web site architectural structure

·         Develop site pages and ensure their transition into the production environment

·         Ensure a consistent look and feel across the Web site by promoting uniform fonts, formatting, icons, images, and layout, and creating appropriate templates to assist content authors

·         Find, diagnose, and fix Web site problems, including broken links (both internal and external), typographical errors, and formatting inconsistencies

·         Identify, implement, and manage Web site presence and promotion opportunities, such as search engine registration and establishing pointer links from other relevant Web sites

·         Recommend and implement enhancements and modifications to the Web site

·         Create and maintain an archive for Web site templates and images

·         Create and maintain a reference archive for older versions of the Web site and its content

·         Participate in the development and integration of graphical and multimedia components into the Web site, including audio and video, with due regard paid to appropriate compression techniques, resolution, sizes, color maps, and depths to ensure high quality and speed of delivery

·         Ensure sensitive and/or classified organizational information is not inadvertently posted to the Web site

·         Set and enforce compatibility and interoperability standards that ensure site accessibility for users with older browser versions as well as low-speed connections

·         Set and enforce standards that ensure site accessibility for users with disabilities or impairments

·         Monitor, analyze, and report on Web site traffic

·         Receive and respond to all e-mail messages for the Webmaster in a timely and courteous fashion

·         Create and maintain a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for Web site users

·         Analyze, report on, and take action on Web site user feedback

·         Create original copy for Web site features where required   

Job Requirements 

Knowledge/Skills/Experience Required:

Knowledge & Experience

·         Minimum 5 years of Webmaster-related experience

·         Good knowledge of Web technologies, protocols, and tools

·         Advanced programming experience

·         Strong understanding of relevant programming languages

·         Working knowledge of Web authoring, development, and publishing tools

·         Strong understanding of communications, marketing, and customer service principles

·         Experience with computer graphic and multimedia design

·         Comprehensive experience with all aspects of Web site content management

·         Experience with browser compatibility issues

·         Hands-on experience with Web-database integration and a range of database platforms

·         Experience in gathering, analyzing, and meeting business requirements

·         Strong understanding and experience with project management principles

·         Good understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives

·         Excellent knowledge of applicable data privacy practices and laws

·         Excellent written and oral communication skills

·         Excellent interpersonal skills

·         Ability to conduct research into emerging Web technologies

·         Ability to present ideas in business-friendly and user-friendly language

·         Highly self motivated and directed

·         Keen attention to detail

·         Good analytical and problem-solving abilities

·         Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment

·         Very strong customer service orientation

·         Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment   

Education Required:

·         Bachelor degree in the field of Information Technology, Business Administration, Marketing/Advertising, or other appropriate field


To apply for this job email your details to brian@cycle3it.com

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